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ERP Tailored Just For Your Business 

Are you looking to make a change to improve your overall business? Eventually, you want to improve service delivery by measuring and analyzing your business performance, differentiating your services based on profit potential.

Do you experience any of the following with your current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system?

  • Poorly integrated software
  • Difficulty driving costs
  • Difficulty driving growth
  • Difficulty delivering value 
  • If you answered yes to any one of these, it is definitely time to re-evaluate your processes and your ERP system. Moreover


What we do

How we help your business towards adopting OdooERP


Requirements Research
Project Planning
Solution Design


Object Identification
Data Mapping
Technology Collaboration


Existing System Analysis
Data Extraction
Data Cleansing


GAP Analysis
Prioritize Business Needs
Process Mapping


Business Process Analysis
Process Recomendation
Quality Review


OffShore Resources
Dedicated Development Team
Transparent Delivery Model


Technical Training
Functional Training
Administration Training


Preventive Maintenance
Bug Fixes