Manage Academic Institutions with just One Click

Odoo Academics Management system with its gamut of features makes the everyday school management tasks a breeze


Keep all student information at one place for easy access where and when needed to make informed decisions in time

  •  Student Portal
  •  Activity and Achievements
  •  Health Information
  •  Address, Contacts  and Parents Information
  •  Detailed Student Profile
  •  Student Grouping into courses, classes, batches, Streams etc
  •  Multiple course admissions - For higher Institutions
  • Applications and admissions


Easily manage information of faculty like skills, degrees, courses and previous employment records.


  •  Faculty Profile
  •  Class Room Scheduling
  •  Skill Tracking
  •  Connected with HR Management


Efficiently manage courses, subject and sessions for the educational institute with the click of a button..


  •  Curriculum
  •  Lesson Plan
  •  Time Table
  •  Transcript
  •  Report Card


Create easy to follow simple and transparent registration process to make quick and easy enrollment.


  •  Online Enrollment
  •  Planned Admissions
  •  Seats Management
  •  Integrated Communication
  •  Document Management
  •  Curriculum


Schedule examination through various methods like CCE, CPA and much more with just a few clicks.


  •  Multiple Evaluation Methods
  •  Course/Class wide Exam Sessions
  •  Automated Report Card
  •  Statistical Reports and Charts


Manage financial activities through various payment methodologies and flexible payment system.

  •  Easy Fees and other incomes Collection Process
  •  Automated Fees Reminder
  •  Expense and Income
  •  Complete Financial Management Suite
  •  Easy Reconcilliation
  •  Assets and Liabilities
  •  Detailed Compliance Reports
  •  Balancesheets, Profite & Loss & General Ledger