2.4.5: How to Create a Credit Note

Creating a Credit Note

How to create a credit note.

To do this follow the following steps:

Step 1. Click on Control Menu then Click on Vendor Bills as shown below.

Step 2. On the page that opens, click on the bill you want to create a credit note.

Step 3. On the register payment page that opens up, click on Ask for a credit note as shown below.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\purchase\Screenshot_27.png

Step 4. On the page that opens up, fill in the reason and click on Add credit note as shown below. 

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\purchase\Screenshot_26.png

A credit note is created as shown below.

Step 1. Click on the specific document in this case the one highlighted in blue.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\purchase\Screenshot_28.png

Step 2. On the new page that opens up, click on edit as shown below.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\purchase\Screenshot_29.png

Step 3. Type the correct values in this case the price was 1500 and changed to 1200 as shown below and click validate.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\purchase\Screenshot_30.png

At this point you can continue to register payment as discussed earlier.

C:\Users\25470\Desktop\user guide for ucb\purchase\Screenshot_31.png

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