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Business Engineering

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Connect all your business processes together from accounting, purchases, sales (POS), manufacturing, inventory, fleet management, and any other part of your business or industry. Get a full house implementation and forget the hustle of collecting and make all the data make sense. With Odoo and our experts late nights, long hours, wrong reports, unaccounted inventory, stock loss, stressful fleet management will be a thing of the past. We train your user and support you through your business journey. With us, your success comes first.
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Odoo Cloud Hosting

Our able partner Software and Allied Services provides ready-to-use odoo set-up for local (KENYA) based industries like Kenya HR and Payroll, Hotel Management, Educational ERP, CRM, Email and Sms Marketing, Website and E-commerce, Retail, and Manufacturing.

Implementing Odoo on Mobile

#1 ERP Solution

Odoo Fixing

Have Odoo and is not working as you would wish? Maybe because the set-up wasn't done right, implimentation wasn't the standard for kenya business success, or maybe the implimentor dissapeared on you. Well at Metro ICT we can help you get back on track using Odoo and make sure that Odoo works for you. We live you with smiling faces.

Metro Odoo Integrated Products

We have the best fit Odoo Setups for major industries